1. Crosswalk Anarchy’s “System” video has been out for a bit, but was only recently brought to our attention. Now that we’ve seen it, we demand you also watch. The five piece band tackles this extremely intricate song (originally done by Brotherly) with incredible instrumental and vocal prowess. The performance of the ensemble is so tight, we suspect a bit of telepathy might be in play. Once you’ve watched the video, check the band out here: https://crosswalkanarchy.bandcamp.com/

  2. If you’ve checked out some of our older posts, you may be familiar with the review-writing style of Carter Lee, but what you might not know is that Yeah, Uh-Huh is just one of his many music-related endeavors. Primarily a performer, he’s also an excellent arranger, as demonstrated in this video collaboration with MoRuf. MoRuf’s lyrically-enticing compositions are given a fresh vibe with the addition of live instrumentals (arranged by Lee). Wonderful performances from all involved. Check out the video and get excited.

    Love, Mahea

    *Sorry if this seems in anyway to be shameless self-promotion. It isn’t. Carter didn’t know I intended to write this, so I guess you could say it’s shameless spouse-promotion, if anything.

  3. Amethyst has a new live video and we love it. Kudos to Raquel Rivera and company. They continue creating intriguing and lovely bits of sonic splendor. Plus, they look pretty good here. Check them out in the following places:



  4. Lou Reed: A Remembrance

    As I remember it right now, it was the fourth of July. I was 12 years old and we were at Kalihiwai beach for the big annual riverside potluck thrown by top elderly people I don’t remember the names of. They always had plenty of food, and tents, huge barbecues, live bands at night, and DJ’s during the day. Hundreds of people would run through

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  5. Meet Mals Totem

    (CL5) - Hello again. As you can see I am continuing my torrid pace of one review every couple of months. A vacation back home (Canada, the home of poutine and clean air) coupled with my own musical endeavors pushed a few reviews back. What can I say, it’s good to be busy and sometimes you don’t get the chance to listen to as much music as you would like. I was perfectly content with continuing to not write a review

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  6. 5 Songs To Help You Cope with Summer’s End


    (JW1) - No, I am not talking about the 1999 Canadian-American TV movie drama (Summer’s End) although THAT would be an interesting post.

    I am talking about that back-to-school or

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  7. Blastronaut EP II: we are now post human

    (CL4) - Alright, enough messing around. It’s time for things to get heavy. For my first post since the Clinton administration (topical, zing!) I had a lot to choose from. Some jazz (it’s on it’s way) more hip-hop (eventually) or some experimental improvised post-hardcore math rock. Naturally I chose the hip-hop, but in a twist of fate I find myself writing about “Blastronaut” and well, I’m glad I am. With their second EP aptly titled “EP ll: We Are Now Post Human,” you’ll find that

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  8. Hannah Christianson: in which painters paint and singers sing.


    (ML8)-Okay kids, I’m about to make a shameless confession, so brace yourselves. In the past two years, I have paid full price for only three albums: Oli Rockberger’s “Old Habits” (which should be transcribed note for note by those of you who have the patience and/or skill set), Lana Del Rey’s “Born to Die” (which I’ve listened to on repeat, mostly because I feel like I’m supposed to like it), and Hannah

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  9. Morning Brigade: in which indie-folk shines and a cellist plays while standing

    image       image

    (ML7) - A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to stumble into Pianos during a highly energetic performance by North Carolina’s Morning Brigade. I was struck by the passion demonstrated by each member of this fiery indie folk band. Though the lines

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  10. The Karma Exchange’s “Neon Translation” is here…and it’s more dynamic than yesterday’s fireworks.

    (CL4) - Hova’s “Magna Carta Holy Grail” dropped yesterday, do yourself a favor and don’t let that be the only Independence Day release you listen to. Yesterday was also the day The Karma Exchange brought us an incredible achievement in “Neon Translation”.

    I can’t get over the mix of groove, pure melody and ferocity this group is able

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